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FREE shipping over $50! Orders by 1PM ship SAME DAY*
FREE shipping over $50! Orders by 1PM ship SAME DAY*

The Party Has Arrived

Once upon a Sunday, some friends were having post-bender mimosas when we realized the sunglasses we had on didn't reflect our fomo lifestyle. We wanted affordable shades infused with fun that could still keep the baf sun out of our eyes. Daddies Eyewear was born. The uninhibited, outgoing, adult sunglass brand that doesn't follow the normie eyewear industry.

We're not all about cycling, running, or whatever bs other companies try to sell you on. Daddies represents people who live for the weekend. The people who crave sunshine, sand, and shotgunning cheap beer. The people who responsibly karaoke until 5AM that have to go to work at 7. The people who go to brunch and get seated in the corner away from families. The positive people who are always having a good time. Daddies represents you. We believe laughter is the best medicine, that everybody should get outside, live life to the fullest, and Use Protection™ while doing it. So grab the sunscreen and Always Look Good® with Daddies Eyewear!

What are you waiting for‽ Get a pair and get out there.