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FREE shipping over $50! Orders by 1PM ship SAME DAY*
FREE shipping over $50! Orders by 1PM ship SAME DAY*

Sick shades. Check this out.

Hair Tanglers

You know those thin metal sunglasses with the little nose things that get caught in your messy bun? We don't have those. Cuz we don't like 'em. All of our sunglasses have smooth plastic to keep you comfortable and prevent snags on your head.


Why pay more when you don't have to? All of our shades are priced at a fraction of a bar tab so you can play more and pay less.


We like the classics, but we love vibrant colors and fun styles. If you're wanting to stand out and live your best life, Daddies Eyewear is here for it. We believe that uniqueness should be embraced inside and out. You do you.

Fast Shipping

We ship our products quickly and effectively with the best options available to us. If you order by 1PM we'll ship them out the same day. We know you're smashing that tracking number.

Free Returns

Dope. Nuff said.

What are you waiting for‽ Grab some sunnies and get out there!